Time frame: late March~mid-April (differs annually and by location)

Asahi River Sakura Carnival (Okayama City)
Hundreds of cherry trees line the banks of the Asahi River near Korakuen Garden. Bring a picnic lunch or dinner, sit on the banks, and enjoy the festival and the beautiful flowers while hanging out with the locals.
Access: From Okayama Sta >> bus for 15 mins, get off at “Korakuen-mae”

Korakuen Garden (Okayama City)
Take in the magnificence of this historic garden which is ranked among the the top three in Japan. Korakuen Garden has an extensive area dedicated to the cherry tree, creating a sensory overload.
Access: bus from Okayama Sta. about 10 minutes or about a 25-minute walk from Okayama Sta

Handayama Botanical Garden (Okayama City)
Located on a hillside in central Okayama City, Handayama Botanical Garden features thousands of species of plants and flowers has well as hundreds of trees. During the spring, the cherry blossoms take center stage as visitors from around the region come to admire their beauty.
Access: JR Tsuyama Line >> get off at Hoka-in Sta. >> bus about 10 minutes. >> about a 3 minute walk or a 15 minute walk from Hoka-in Sta

Takebe Mori Park Cherry Blossoms (Okayama City)
This park, which is located in the northern part of Okayama City, features a 1.5 kilometer long tunnel of cherry blossom. Go for a walk and enjoy the beauty!
Access: JR Tsuyama Line >> get off at Fukuwatari Sta. >> about 10 minutes by car/taxi

Kanagawa Cherry Blossoms (Okayama City)
This roughly 300 meter long row of trees set along the Ukai River in the Mitsu region of Okayama City is the ideal spot for a cherry blossom viewing picnic. Create a lasting memory in this picturesque location.
Access: JR Tsuyama Line >> get off at Kanagawa Sta >> taxi about 5 minutes

Oyama-zakura  (Okayama City)
A 500-year-old cherry tree in the southern part of Okayama City. The tree is hidden on the far side of a mountain in this rural area but is accessible via a hike. The tree has been declared a natural treasure by the prefectural government.
Access: Okayama Sta, Uno Minato Line >> Hazakawa Sta. >> about a 30 minute walk

Daigo-zakura (Maniwa City)
Enjoy this magnificent 700-year-old tree set on a slight hill. This tree is a popular attraction in spring for visitors and locals, old and young alike. The tree is illuminated in evenings from sundown until 21:00, and nearby stalls sell food, snacks, and souvenirs.
Access: JR Himeji Line >> get off at Mimasaka-Ochiai Sta. >> taxi for about 30 mins.

Iwaiunenoōzakura (Maniwa City)
This epic cherry tree is approximately 800 years old and with a trunk circumference of over 5 meters and branches which extend to over 20 meters in length. Iwaiunenoōzakura is a treasure of the Ochiai district of Maniwa City.
Access: About 50 minutes by car from the Chugoku Expressway Ochia Interchange

Gaisen Cherry Blossoms (Maniwa City)
With 132 trees arranged along a historic lane in Shinjo Village, the Gaisen cherry blossoms highlight an area that was once a stopover on the journey to Izumo. Treat yourself to a visit to one of the most idyllic areas of Okayama.
Access: JR Kishin Line >> get off at Chugoku-Katsuyama Sta >> Shinjo Village bound bus about 40 minutes >> about a 2 minute walk from Shinjo Village Hall

Enjo Furusato Village Cherry Blossoms (Kibi Chuo Town)
This preserved village traces its historic roots to the mid-Kamakura period. Spot the cherry trees as you explore this time capsule of inns, sundry shops, and taverns.
Access: About 1 hour by car from Okayama City Hall