Maniwa City is located in northern Okayama Prefecture and is known for its rolling green meadows, pasture land, and beautiful mountains. Maniwa City is also the largest city in the prefecture in terms of area, and boasts a thriving dairy industry, a resort area, golf courses, ski resorts and snow parks in winter, a cycling course, a well-preserved historical area, and much more. The lovely Kanba Waterfall is also located in Maniwa City; in addition to the waterfall, the park is home to a large group of Japanese macaque monkeys.

Maniwa City is also well known for its flowers in spring, summer, and autumn. In spring, a must-see attraction is the majestic 1,000-year-old Daigo Zakura cherry tree. In summer, large fields of sunflowers attract numerous visitors; and in autumn, cosmos flowers bloom in designated fields and provide gorgeous photo opportunities.

Yubara Hot Spring resort area is wonderful year-round. This hot spring district is located along the Asahi River. The hot mineral waters flow at 60 liters per minute; most of the resorts in the area allow day visits, and all offer overnight accommodation and meals. There are also several free foot baths located in town. The Yubara Hot Spring area is also home to the giant Japanese salamanders called “Oo-Sansho-o” or “Hanzaki” in Japanese. Visitors can see them at the Hanzaki

Preservation Center.

Katsuyama Historical District is an area of authentically preserved traditional merchants homes and warehouses. The area is known for displays of “noren” curtains, which are traditional curtains at the entrance to a shop to indicate that the shop is open for business. Each shop in Katsuyama has a different and unique “noren”.

Maniwa City is beautiful in any season, and has something to offer for everyone.


Yearly Temperatures

Spring (March to May)                       17℃~25℃

Summer (June to August)                   25℃~32℃

Fall (September to November)          15℃~26℃

Winter (December to February)        -02℃~09℃


ACCESS from Okayama city

+Chutetsu Bus

From Okayama Station to Katsuyama

Station (110 mins)


++Take JR Tsuyama line from Okayama Station to Tsuyama Station > transfer to JR Kishin line to Chugoku

Katsuyama Station (about 140 mins)


++Take JR Hakubi line from Okayama Station to JR Niimi Station > transfer to JR Kishin line to Chugoku Katsuyama

Station (about 150 mins)


Take Okayama expwy. > Chugoku expwy.#  > Yonago expwy. > Kuse IC  (about 1.5 hours)


Local Transportation

– Maniwa-kun Community Bus  200 JPY for one ride (adult)


– Ochiai taxi                      +81-867-52-0325

– Kuse taxi                         +81-867-42-0215

– Hatsumoto taxi             +81-867-44-3185

– Fukumoto taxi               +81-867-44-3175