Kibichuo Town is a rural town with a small town, yet modern, feel. Despite being rural, there are several contemporary

facilities that give the town a 21st century edge, such as the Kibi Kougen Resort Hotel. The hotel is a new structure with large, comfortable rooms decorated in a log-cabin style with wooden furniture. The on-premises restaurant is well known for its buffet-style lunch.

The town is also home to the Okayama Joba Club Horse Park, a park that rehabilitates retired racing horses into therapy animals. Visitors can pet the animals, and take riding lessons with experienced and licensed handlers.

Next to the horse park is Kibi-no-Mori Botanical Garden, a garden that features seasonal blossoms and which overlooks a mountain range and valley. The garden is a wonderful place to relax, enjoy the view, breathe in fresh air, and take photos of the fantastic scenery.

Kibichuo Town is a great “get away” location for visitors seeking relaxation, solitude, and nature.


Yearly Temperatures

Spring (March to May)                       11℃~22℃

Summer (June to August)                   25℃~30℃

Fall (September to November)          14℃~25℃

Winter (December to February)        -02℃~08℃



From Okayama City:

+ Chutetsu bus

-From Okayama station to Kibichuo Town (60 min)

+ car

-10 min from Kayo IC (Okayama expwy.)


From Airport

+ car or taxi

-15-20 min (Route 72 > Route 429)



-Kayo transportation          +81-866-56-7201

-Kayo taxi                             +81-866-54-1098    credit card OK

-Nanba taxi                          +81-866-54-1513

-Kamogawa taxi                  +81-867-34-1000    credit card OK