This project focuses on all-inclusive tourist locations and services across three regions in Okayama Prefecture. Those three regions are Okayama City, Kibichuo Town, and Maniwa City. The locations and services listed here welcome guests of all nationalities and promote the health, well-being, and happiness of visitors to Okayama Prefecture.

The Peach Mark is used in Okayama City, Maniwa City, and Kibichuo Town to designate products and services that have features that are helpful for non-Japanese, such as English ingredient lists, English menus, and English language services. In addition, these products and services refrain from using pork by-products and alcohol, which is forbidden in Islam, and provide enough information that the visitor can decide on their own. The Peach Mark recognizes the efforts of local business in promoting “health tourism” — tourism with the aim of refreshing the body, mind, and spirit. while assisting visitors in recognizing products and services that are in line with their religious beliefs and health concerns.

Peach Mark 1: Used for restaurants and cafes that have English menus or pictogram menus, and which have some  pork / pork-derivative-free menu items; for lodging facilities that have English support, and make prayer mats and compasses available for guests; and for products that have English information and do not utilize pork or pork-derivative ingredients.


Peach Mark 2: Used for businesses that fulfill and exceed the Peach 1 qualifications. It is used for restaurants that have some vegetarian menu items, as well as some menu items that do not include pork-derivative ingredients or alcohol, and which have ingredient lists in English; for lodging facilities that can prepare a prayer space on request and which have a hospital nearby that offers English support, and which have health-conscious instruments; and for products that are made of all vegetable-derived ingredients.